Consumer Protection Information

Guard against unfair or deceptive practices


Consumer Protection:

Usually, if you feel like you’ve been wronged, you’ve been wronged.

Ohio law forbids a business from using an “unfair or deceptive act or practice in connection with a consumer transaction.” See Ohio Revised Code §1345. Too often businesses are able to bully consumers because they have a “deny first” policy and consumers don’t know how easy it is to fight back if they have an attorney.

Ohio law is also very strict on businesses that come to your house. See Ohio Revised Code §1345.21. Come to me as your attorney to defend yourself against these predatory tactics.

In my 3 years of being an attorney, I have run into a sickening number of situations in which large companies have bullied consumers into unfair contracts, faulty products, provided bad or no insurance coverage, or made promises that were never kept.

I have represented a number of regular people standing up to the large company. I even represented myself when I felt like I had been misled when I bought my car.

I am passionate about being a consumer advocate. Feel free to contact me today with your story, and we’ll create a plan to right the wrong.