Benefits of Chapter 13

Finally get control of your debt with a single monthly payment

Have your bills become overwhelming, stressful, and chaotic?

Are there too many of them to keep track? Are they building interest and late fees?

Pay as low as 1%* on the following debts:

  • Medical bills

  • Credit card bills

  • Utility bills

  • Phone/cable bills

  • Repossessions

  • Evictions

  • Pay day loans/cash advances

  • Many car accident claims

  • Tax debt to the IRS and state (under certain circumstances)

*1% means if you have $50,000 in credit cards and medical bills, you only pay $500 total over 5 years.
*1% means the remaining $49,500.00 is reset to $0.00

Student Loans/Taxes:

  • Defer your high student loan payment for 5 years

  • Take care of your tax obligations to the IRS and state

Chapter 13 allows you to turn your chaotic bills into a single monthly payment.

  • You can file a chapter 13 no matter your income level

  • Stop wage garnishments if they've started or prevent them from happening

  • Freeze your bills and pay them down to $0.00 over 5 years

Car Bills

  • Lower your car payment

  • Lower the interest rate

  • Stop repossessions

  • Get vehicle back from repossession before it’s sold

House Bills

  • Stop foreclosures

  • Catch up on past-due mortgage payments