How To File Your Bankruptcy

Step-by-Step Guide


1) Call

  • Call Attorney Lucas Ruffing for a FREE bankruptcy consultation
  • 740-815-1114
  • Or call/text him with any legal questions

2) Collect Documents

  • Collect documents Attorney Lucas Ruffing will need to prepare your Bankruptcy paperwork

3) Complete Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling

  • Quick and easy: complete counseling online or on the phone
  • Only $20 with Attorney #: 26881

4) Meet to File Your Case

  • Meet with Attorney Lucas M. Ruffing to review/sign/file the Bankruptcy paperwork
  • Lucas can even come to you in many cases


Case Filed - Immediately Protected by the Bankruptcy - Congratulations!


5) Court Hearing

  • Don’t worry, this only takes a few minutes
  • Attorney will be there with you

6) Complete Post-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling

  • Quick and easy: complete counseling online or on the phone
  • Only $20 with Attorney #: 26881

7) Reset debt to $0.00

  • With a few exceptions, like most Taxes and Student Loans