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Using Tax Refunds To File Bankruptcy: Brilliant Investment

Speaking from my own experience, about 50% of all bankruptcies filed in a given year are filed in the months of February, March, and April. This is tax season. This is when many bankruptcy filers get HUGE tax refunds. Tax season is HUGE for people wanting to file bankruptcy because their tax refund helps them afford their attorney fees and court fees!

Many people wanting to file bankruptcy get very large tax refunds; often between $3,000 and $10,000!! It is actually a brilliant investment to use that money to become debt free by filing bankruptcy.

Brilliant Investment:

Using tax refund money to file bankruptcy is a brilliant investment. Most bankruptcy filers have between $10,000 and $80,000 in credit card, medical, loans, repossessions, DEBT. If it costs you $975 in attorney fees to file bankruptcy and eliminate all your debt, you are getting a huge return of value on that $975!! Imagine being able to turn $975 into a value of $80,000!? That’s essentially what’s happening when you file bankruptcy. The ONE-TIME investment of $975 eliminates all your debt! It could be $500, or $500,000 in debt reset to $0.00! Either way, it’s probably the best investment you’ll ever make. And it’s essentially guaranteed. It’s not like the stock market in which you have to wonder if it will go up or down.

This year when you’re receiving your tax refund, consider making good on your New Year’s Resolution to become debt free in 2018! Buy your kids a winter coat, snow boots, and warm food; catch up on your car and rent payment; and use a small portion of your HUGE tax refund to pay for your bankruptcy that will eliminate TENS-OF-THOUSANDS-OF-DOLLARS of debts!

-Lucas Ruffing, Bankruptcy Attorney
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