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What NOT to Do Before Filing Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a FANTASTIC option for us to be able to get rid of debt that is weighing us down. But there are some things you could do to make this great option unavailable to you.

Having met with thousands of prospective bankruptcy clients, I have heard everything when it comes to preparing to file for bankruptcy. My clients always want to know what they CAN and CANNOT do before filing a bankruptcy. There are a few things that continually show-up more often than others, so I will limit this article to just the most common issues.


DO NOT transfer assets (property) out of your name (Cars, houses, gifts of money, etc.) without speaking to a bankruptcy attorney first. It might turn out to be OK to do, but let a bankruptcy attorney advise you on it first, because.. WHY NOT?! I offer free consultations (in-person or over the phone).

DO NOT repay debts you owe to family/friends/other insiders. I KNOW, it’s tempting to “take care” of those debts before you file bankruptcy. However, in reality, it is just going to screw up your bankruptcy filing process. Either the repayment to family/friends/insiders will (1) essentially disqualify you from filing a chapter 7, or (2) it will increase your monthly payment if you’re considering a chapter 13. Again, just call a bankruptcy attorney FIRST to hear your best options.

DO NOT continue to use credit. The idea of “spending free money” before you file bankruptcy might be tempting, but as you could probably guess, it could lead to some serious consequences. Bankruptcy is already an amazing option to ERASE YOUR DEBT! Do not be greedy.

DO call a Bankruptcy attorney as soon as your debts are becoming more than you can comfortably manage.


Those are the 3 biggest problem areas I encounter on a regular basis. The great thing about Bankruptcy in Ohio is that it is already geared in a way that is extremely beneficial to you! So, before you try to outsmart the United States Bankruptcy Code on your own, call a Bankruptcy attorney to find out what your best options are. Ironically, trying to outsmart the bankruptcy code before talking to a Bankruptcy attorney is probably the least smart thing you can do, because you’re probably just going to screw-up a case that otherwise would have been perfectly fine!


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-Lucas Ruffing
Bankruptcy Attorney


Lucas Ruffing