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The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process

I believe one of the most important things to know about bankruptcy is how easy the process is. If more people knew the simple process, more people would take advantage of the amazing benefits the bankruptcy code has to offer. So let me explain the entire chapter 7 bankruptcy process, from beginning to end (remember, this is a typical case, and each individual case may vary).

*Only about 4 MONTHS from the time you contact me until your debt is forgiven to $0.00!*

1)     Free Consultation (25-30 minutes)

a.      You don’t know the process yet, so you call a bankruptcy attorney (740-815-1114).

b.      The consultation is free.

c.      25-30 minutes.

d.      The consultation can be (1) in-person, or (2) we can simply do it over the phone!

e.      During the consultation, I will ask many questions about your property, income, debts, among other things.

f.       I will answer any questions that you have about your difficult situation.

g.      I will tell you exactly what the court requires in order to have a successful bankruptcy.

2)     Appointment to File Your Case

a.      After the consultation, and as soon as you’re ready to get the benefits of a chapter 7 bankruptcy, contact your bankruptcy attorney to schedule the appointment to file your case.

b.      I can usually get you scheduled within 1 or 2 days of calling in.

c.      At the appointment, we will review all the required documents, I will ask you a few more questions, and then I will FILE THE CASE ELECTRONICALLY! You will be immediately protected from your creditors (in most circumstances).

d.      At the end of this appointment, your chapter 7 case will be filed electronically with you in the office. You will have your case number. We will know when your court hearing is. Your case is officially filed!!

3)     ***Relax - Waiting Period*** (4-6 weeks until the Court Hearing)

a.      After your Filing Appointment, you do not need to do anything until your Court Hearing.

b.      Your Court Hearing will be scheduled about 4-6 weeks after your case is filed at the Filing Appointment.

4)     Court Hearing

a.      About 4-6 weeks after the Filing Appointment we will have our Court Hearing.

b.      I will be with you at the Court Hearing.

c.      The Hearing is in front the Chapter 7 Trustee, NOT A JUDGE.

d.      The hearing itself only takes about 10 minutes.

e.      The Chapter 7 Trustee will ask you essentially the same questions we went over during the Filing Appointment, but it will only take about 10 minutes. The Trustee is simply wanting to confirm the information we already filed with the Court.

5)     ***Relax - Waiting Period*** (about 3 months until your debt is DISCHARGED + case COMPLETED)

a.      After the Court Hearing, there are no other appointments or hearings (in a typical case).

b.      Your involvement with the case is essentially completed.


a.      About 3 months after our Court Hearing, your case will be completed and your debt discharged.

b.      Nothing further!!

I’m hoping this quick article demonstrates just how SIMPLE + QUICK + EASY a chapter 7 bankruptcy typically is. The chapter 7 bankruptcy benefits are simply amazing. And even more amazing how easy + quick the process is.

Contact me today to start the simple process outlined above + complete your dream of becoming debt free!

Lucas M. Ruffing
Bankruptcy Attorney


Lucas Ruffing