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"A Unique Perspective on Bankruptcy" – By Andy Ames, Bankruptcy Law Firm Assistant

This is Andy Ames, and I am guest writing on Lucas Ruffing Law’s blog to give my unique perspective on bankruptcy. My experience in bankruptcy includes working as a legal assistant at a high-volume bankruptcy firm, alongside Attorney Lucas Ruffing, for nearly three years. For this blog post, I am going to address the false stigma that accompanies bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a powerful tool. It can be beneficial, stress relieving, and effective, and behind the power of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, can give anyone a fresh start that they so desperately need. It can be all of that, and it is not a bad thing.

It seems that a lot of people have this misconception about bankruptcy. They think that if they file, they are somehow a lesser person or a failure. That is not the case. Things happen in life and good people fall behind. Just about everyone can say they have faced financial struggles at some point in their life, and for an unlimited amount of different reasons. Some things that are out of your control and other things that are under your control. Bills snowball so easily and stuff adds up so quickly. In a matter of months someone can go from financial stability to financial crisis. Filing bankruptcy in these times of overwhelming stress, built up uncontrollable debt, and ferocious creditors does not make someone lesser or a failure. What is does is allow them to get out from under, get a clean slate, recover, and relieve some stress. When all these things happen so quickly, it becomes a hole that is impossible to get out of, and bankruptcy is the tool, the lifeline.

Over the last three years I have been a part of thousands of phone calls, worked on thousands of cases, and observed attorneys as they work through a bankruptcy. Through all of this experience, I have witnessed first-hand just how strong of a tool bankruptcy is. Clients can be thousands of dollars under-water on a mortgage or car, have fifty to sixty thousand in credit card or medical debt, and dozens of creditors calling them every day; then with just a little bit of their time have all that wiped away. Imagine someone calling and threatening you, bills piling up, drowning in debt, and responding with the power of the United States Bankruptcy Court. Someone can go from quite possibly the most stressful time of their life, to just a few months later being on a clean slate.

I am a law student, and before working in bankruptcy, I did not know much about it. I did not know what it could do or why someone might need to file. I had the same misconception about bankruptcy that most people have. But now I know, and I think everyone else should as well. Bankruptcy has so many benefits, and when push comes to shove, sometimes it is the smartest and best option someone might have. So if you are ever facing overwhelming debt or are in a hole you can’t get out of, don’t be afraid to consult with your local attorney. You might be surprised to see just how powerful of a tool bankruptcy really is.

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