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Filing Bankruptcy is Easy & Convenient with Attorney Lucas Ruffing

              As the owner of Ruffing Law, LLC, I have traveled to hundreds of my clients houses to file their bankruptcy cases. When I started this practice in January, 2017, my #1 goal for setting myself apart from the competition was to find ways to make filing bankruptcy as easy and convenient as possible, while maintaining high-quality work. The design of my law practice is to fulfill this goal: High-quality Ease & convenience.

EASY -- Filing Banruptcy with Ruffing Law is Easy

               Clients considering filing chapter 7 & chapter 13 bankruptcy have busy lives, and thus want this process to be as easy as possible. Many of my clients are working multiple jobs, 50-60 hours per week, and juggling their own schedules with the schedules of their children and loved ones.

This is where my law practice’s goal of EASY comes into play.

I have designed my practice so that my cell phone is the direct point of contact for all my clients. I answer all my own phone calls, whether I’m in the office or on the road. I send & receive text messages just like you would with your family & friends. Essentially, when my clients have a question, I’m here to answer it.

In addition, I have put all the necessary information for filing bankruptcy on my website. This means you can access all the important information by visiting my website -- 24/7/365.

CONVENIENT – Filing Bankruptcy with Ruffing Law is Perfectly Convenient

               My clients, as discussed above, live busy lives. It’s difficult to take a whole morning off work, or away from the kids to file bankruptcy. I offer free PHONE consultations that only take about 20 minutes! This could be a quick break during work, or stepping into the kitchen away from the kids. We cover all the options and benefits of filing bankruptcy on this quick call.

After the convenient consultation, I can get you scheduled for the bankruptcy filing as quickly as you need to stop the calls, garnishments, repossessions, etc. – NEXT DAY FILINGS ARE COMMON!

I TRAVEL TO MY CLIENTS for the in-person filing appointment.

Do you despise traffic? Directions? Parking? I make it convenient and easy by traveling to your neighborhood or even your house! I can do this because I am very mobile, and technology allows me to file a bankruptcy case electronically from anywhere in the State of Ohio.

               Again, I have made it the #1 goal of my law practice to make Bankruptcy filing as convenient & easy as possible. It all starts with a quick phone consultation, and is finalized with a trip to your neighborhood to file your case. YOU NEVER HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR KITCHEN TABLE!

Start your convenient & easy bankruptcy process by calling or texting me @ 740-815-1114.


Lucas Ruffing
Bankruptcy Attorney

Lucas Ruffing