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Tax Refund & Filing Bankruptcy

I have said it before and I will say it again: Using your tax refund to pay for your bankruptcy filing is the best investment you will make. For many of us, tax refund season is the 1 time of year that we have excess money. Many of us will be getting thousands of dollars in tax refunds this year. We could use this all money to make a small dent in our credit cards, loans, medical bills, and other debts. But that small dent will only prolong the suffocating situation that is being underwater in debt.

OR we could use a small portion of that tax refund to pay for a bankruptcy that can give you a CLEAN SLATE! A bankruptcy can wipe away all your debts (with a few exceptions, including student loans, recent tax debt, and domestic support obligations).

Credit Cards = Reset to $0.00
Medical bills = Reset to $0.00
Repossessions = Reset to $0.00
Evictions = Reset to $0.00
Utility bills = Reset to $0.00
Loans = Reset to $0.00
Old phone bills = Reset to $0.00
Old cable bills = Reset to $0.00

Tax refund season gives us the means to pay a bankruptcy attorney to file bankruptcy and eliminate our debts, and still have plenty of money remaining for the other important things in life. And unless you’re very fortunate to catch a big break in life, it’s not likely that you’ll ever truly be able to climb out of your current debt situation.

If you’re thinking that you can’t deal with a bankruptcy right now, then you don’t understand the minimal time commitment that is a chapter 7 bankruptcy (In most cases):

1)     Attorney Lucas Ruffing will complete the initial consultation (FREE) in 30 minutes (in-person OR over-the-phone)

2)     Then compile various documents in order to have a successful bankruptcy

3)     Meet with Attorney Lucas Ruffing for approximately 60-90 minutes for the petition signing and FILING of the bankruptcy. This is the official start of your bankruptcy!!

WAIT 30 – 45 days for your court date

4)     Court hearing that usually lasts 5-10 minutes (Attorney Lucas Ruffing will be there with you)

WAIT another 3 months for your official discharge from your debts. That’s it!

Tax refund season is the best time of year to file bankruptcy because it’s the 1 time of year we have extra money! Take a small portion of that money and use it to eliminate ALL your debt! Get a fresh start this tax refund season. Call attorney Lucas Ruffing to start the quick & easy process.

-Lucas Ruffing
Bankruptcy Attorney

Lucas Ruffing