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The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process

Let me explain the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy process. I want to do this because many people are afraid to explore the benefits of bankruptcy simply because they fear it is too complicated.


Step 1: FREE CONSULTATION (25 minutes)
               The quick & easy FREE consultation can be in-person, or over the phone (whichever is more convenient for you). I will be able to answer your questions, advise you of all your options, and get the filing process started!


Step 2: DOCUMENTS (2 hours)
               During the consultation, I will advise you what documents the court will require to have a quick & easy successful bankruptcy. As you can imagine, the court requires documentation of certain income, vehicles, real estate, etc. Most people already have these documents at their homes, but even if you don’t, they are very easy to get.



               Once you have the required documents, call/text me to schedule the appointment to file your bankruptcy case and immediately be protected from phone calls, lawsuits, garnishments, foreclosures, repossessions, etc. At the appointment, I will ask you many more questions (to ensure a successful bankruptcy), review your documents, and get your signature on all the paperwork. I will be able to file the bankruptcy electronically with you sitting right there!


Step 4: COURT HEARING (10 minutes)

               About 5 weeks after we file your bankruptcy case (Step 3), we are required to attend the court hearing. I will be with you at the court hearing! The Trustee appointed to your case will ask you the same information that we went over in Step 3, simply to verify the information. This only takes about 5-10 minutes.



               After court, you are done! There is a required waiting period of about 2-3 months before your debt is officially legally discharged, but there are no other appointments or court hearings.


To start this quick & easy process of filing chapter 7 bankruptcy, call/text me at 740-815-1114 to complete the Step 1: Free Consultation! Before you know it, you’ll be at Step 5 😊

 -Lucas M. Ruffing
Bankruptcy Attorney



Lucas Ruffing